Inspired by @lgw
  1. Alexa Chung
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    I love everything about her style. She wears clothes inspired by all the decades, mostly 60s and 90s. I love how she'll wear something quite boyish but with one thing that's feminine that could be in her shoes or makeup. She's also been the inspiration of all my haircuts during this short hair phase I've been going through 💇🏾
  2. Harry Styles
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    Love his use of patterns. Also, him (and Alexa) have shown me that a lot of looking good is wearing clothes with confidence. I'm forever looking for lipstick colours that'll match the colour of his lips at any given time 👄
  3. Lauren
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    I've known her since grade 4 and it's been fun and interesting watching her style change as she's gotten older. She's very trendy and usually ahead of the fashion curve, but not obvious about it, which I love. This photo of her from last year single-handedly got me obsessed with wanting something fur.
  4. ViviannaDoesMakeup
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    A fashion/makeup blogger and YouTuber. Most of my makeup inspiration comes from her. She's very subtle and everyday friendly, but can easily switch things up to make it tastefully beautiful. Uses a lot of great bronze eyeshadows, which are my fave, and has clued me in to a lot of gorgeous blushes.
  5. Indian Classical Dance
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    I danced from the ages of 5 to 16 and performance makeup included heavy eyeshadow and almost Egyptian-like eyeliner. By the time I started wearing makeup at 14, I already knew how to properly do a cat eye 👁✍🏾 Because of dance, I never really went through a phase of "trying to figure out my makeup look". I've obviously gotten better over the years, but it's always been concealer, eyeliner, mascara. Here's a cheeky pic of me at 15 👩🏾