Inspired by @lesbian (even tho I'm gonna 🔪 her)
  1. Harry
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    Hot, hip, the kindest human in the world, THE BEST PREFORMER OF ALL OF THEM. Has a dope ass house in LA that I want to bang him in. Has 🆒 tattoos. Understands the role being in a boyband (unlike Louis and Liam). Consistently uses gender neutral pronouns like a BABE 😍
  2. Niall
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    SUPER HOT. So funny and genuine on Twitter. True Irish #lad. Singing has improved so much since the world was introduced to him. The only one who can play an instrument (imagine his finger skills, ladies 👌). Unlike the other boys who just say it, he *actually* doesn't take himself seriously.
  3. Liam
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    Only reason he's third is because I'm still sore about Zayn. Kinda a baby but still hot and has the best vocal ability since Zayn betrayed us. #tbt to Funky Buddha and Twitcams.
  4. Zayn
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    Would be last but I hate Louis. WHY THE FUCK DID YOU LEAVE!?! THE ONLY POC REPRESENTATION I HAD. Also legitimately the most attractive human being on the planet. Your album better be R&B based 👊🏾
  5. Louis
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    The exact opposite of cool, calm, and collected and I can't fuck with someone who flies off the handle like that. Worst singer let's be real. Should be of interest that he's now the "quiet" one of the group since Zayn left 🤔🤔 Has good beard scruff though and apparently good song writing skills.