Nothing induces my anxiety more than thinking of death, but these scenarios for the after life make it a little less scary 👼✨
  1. You get to raise your mom or dad when they were children
    Their entire life will stay exactly the same, but instead of your grandparents, it's you. You retain all your knowledge of your life now and you know it's your parent, but you still raise them. Obviously this has no basis in reality but I would have loved to have seen how mine started as children in Sri Lanka, but I'd want to interact with them, not jus observe.
  2. You live in the decade of your favourite music
    Everyone always whines that they were born in the wrong decade, so this time you will actually be in the right one! This is a lil frustrating for me because I was born in '95 but would have loved to have been 10 years old during the 90s 🤘🏽
  3. The heaven in BJ's story from One More Thing
    Maybe not so much the grandma blowjob part, but definitely the concert thing. Can you imagine seeing Beethoven!?
  4. You live your life all over again
    Starts from the beginning and everything stays exactly the same. You wouldn't know it's the same life though. This is the most comforting to me because I already know I'll be ok.
  5. God or whoever tells you about everything you were wrong about
    I was watching a documentary where some people were talking about how vaccines cause autism and I was SEETHING. I just want someone all powerful to tell them they're wrong. Or maybe I'M wrong, who knows (actually we do know - they're wrong).
  6. Your life as a different gender and/or sex
    I would love to see what my life would be like as a cis-male, but with my same personality.
  7. I learn what happened to that Malaysian airline flight
    You can't tell me no one on this damn planet doesn't know exactly what happened to that effing plane.