We're selling the house my family has been living in for the last 17 years. In true Cancer fashion, I can never let go of anything so here's what I found cleaning out my room this past Easter Weekend.
  1. Once fresh flowers from my graduations
    From my grade 9 grad in 2010 and my grade 12 corsage from 2013, the later courtesy of my lovely dad.
  2. Every handbag I've ever owned
    That light blue one is the first handbag I owned that I got for my 9th birthday.
  3. The dress from my Snooki costume
    I fucking NAILED this costume in 2010. Unanimously won best costume at the party I went to that night.
  4. A roll of posters
    Band posters, movie posters. I'm too scared to open this up in case there are spiders inside 😟
  5. The first belt I ever owned
    My dad had to punch extra holes in so that it would fit me. With it on that last hole, the belt can't even fit around the top of my head now.
  6. Seashells from the Atlantic Ocean (2010) and Indian Ocean (2012)
    I was going to make some kind of frame out of these but I clearly haven't and probably never will.
  7. Cake toppers from my 3rd and 4th bdays
    These are so old, I feel like I have to keep them now.
  8. This Mickey pillow I got when I was 3
    Again so old, but like, what the heck am I supposed to do with this now?
  9. A Staples easy button
    I biked 7km to and 7km back with my dad in 2007 just to get this because I thought it'd by funny to have at school. Well worth it.
  10. The first "grown up" lipgloss I owned
    Got it for my 8th or 9th bday. I believe it's L'Oreal, something diamond shimmer 💋