Been living with @alishakurji for almost 3 years and I don't know if I'll ever live with someone as perfect as her πŸ’•
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    Thank each other for doing everyday chores
    This is my favourite. We're both super good at splitting up chores and even if we both know it's the other person's turn to wash the dishes or take out the garbage, we'll thank the other for doing it anyway. TELL PEOPLE WHEN YOU APPRECIATE SOMETHING THEY DO πŸ™Œ
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    Always tell each other about our day, no matter what time we come home
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    Plan what we're going to have for dinner for the week
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    Make food for each other
    We rarely eat together but we've never not made enough food for 2. Recently one of us will go out for dinner and bring an entire entrΓ©e home for the other.
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    Share common interests
    We don't necessarily love the SAME movies or music, but we both LOVE movies and music. When we talk, we're able to have a legitimate conversation while bringing our different perspectives.
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    Wake up at different times
    I wake up late, she wakes up early = the bathroom is always free πŸ˜€
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    Both part of different university groups
    One of the best advice I can give to peeps in or going into uni: join a student group! And join one that's not in your faculty! You meet so many people. I love that Alisha and I are both a part of the university community but in different groups so we've again, got similar interests but from a different perspective.
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    We've got our own emojis
    If you ever want to refer to us, I'm πŸ™‹πŸΎ and Alisha is πŸ™†πŸ½. These two gals capture our personality perfectly πŸ‘­