I feel really content with everything that's going on in my life right and I wanted to share it 😊
  1. My dad is finally settling into his life in Houston
    My fam is in the process of moving from Calgary, Canada to Houston and it was really stressful for a while there, but I just talked to him on the phone and we're finally getting back in the normal rhythm of our conversations. Also he's asking me a lot about my life and he's interested, which never happened before.
  2. My mom texted the family group chat this after watching this Wednesday's episode of Survivor
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    My mom's alone in Calgary right now as my sister and I are in uni in Edmonton. She's outwardly very timid, but this reassured me that she's doing well. And she's been going to the gym a lot recently, which is awesome.
  3. I'm applying for an internship in DC over the summer
    I'm just in the preliminary steps right now, but I'm really excited for it and I hope it works out!
  4. I love my roommate
    I love @alishakurji so much. She's always ready to listen to me and provides amazing unbiased advice. I've been sick this past week and she's made me soup and tea and I love how safe I feel with her. I don't know what I would do without her.
  5. I bought this trio sample set of Origins' best selling face masks and I'M SO STOKED TO USE THEM
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