@nathanveshecco back at it again with the mass requests 😊💗 Sorry it took so long! Here are some things I love about music, paired with a song that exemplifies it.
  1. When something sounds so good, you have to close your eyes
    And how it sounds even better with your eyes closed. This is genuinely one of my favourite things about being human; that sometimes we close our eyes involuntary because what we're feeling can't be seen. http://youtu.be/2BXu-puOA4k
  2. The pure, buzzin energy at concerts
    I haven't done this purposefully, but the only concerts I've been to have been for artists that I'm obsessed with. I always have the most fun because I'm so in love with the artist and I can sing all the words to every song, I can cry, I can dance, I can scream, I can laugh. Without a doubt, the most energy I've ever felt at a concert was when JT played Sexyback during his 20/20 tour. The whole arena was moving. http://youtu.be/PpIFVbYxRSI
  3. How music is inexplicably tied to politics
    Seeing history and music repeat itself is so fascinating to me. Like the sociological similarities between rock and roll of the 50s and gangster rap of the 90s. Or how similar Madonna and Lady Gaga are or The Beatles and One Direction. Like everyone else, I would have loved to attend Woodstock '69. This cover, during high tensions of war, is phenomenal. The distorted guitar truly sounds like bombs bursting in air. http://youtu.be/TKAwPA14Ni4
  4. Nostalgia
    Nostalgia might be my most favourite emotion. I hadn't heard or thought about this song in maybe 8-9 years when it suddenly came on while I was listening to a random playlist. It isn't tied to any specific moment of my childhood, but hearing it so out of the blue made me lose my breath and I started crying so hard. http://youtu.be/Qt6Lkgs0kiU
  5. The comradity of performing
    Band in high school was the only thing that made coming to school worthwhile. The swell of pride I feel when I preform with people who I know feel the same way is addicting. One of the greatest moments of life was performing the Chinese national anthem literally on the Great Wall of China to locals when I was in the 10th grade. Unfortunately, I don't have a video of this, but imagine 15 year old me at the base of the Great Wall, sweating in 34C heat, playing my lil heart out on the violin 🎻👧🏾
  6. Being able to recognize instruments
    Being surround by choir and band and strings my entire life, few things are more satisfying than hearing an instrument on the radio and immediately knowing what it is. Such a small, probably insignificant "skill" but so helpful. http://youtu.be/jGflUbPQfW8 🎺