Long time, no talk List App, or should I say li.st 😮👋🏾 I feel weird to come out of the blue (and into the teal, omg) with a polished list so here's a lil update!
  1. I finished my third year at uni
    Kinda doodied the bed during the second half of last semester because I think I'm mentally done with school?? I've got a year and a half left and I'm also starting to think grad school isn't for me so I'm anticipating some good soul searching this summer 🌀🙇
  2. I'm getting ready for my internship in DC that starts next month
    I'm going to be pretty low key about my internship on the Internet while it happens but I'm so stoked for exploring DC and the east coast. Be prepared for many open lists!
  3. My journey to gain weight has been less than ideal
    I've gained back the weight I lost during exam time, but I can't move past this "steady" weight. I'm staying with my aunt's family while in DC and they're naturally bigger than me so hopefully I'll be more inclined to eat more. We've got a beach trip planned for the end of May and I'm a little worried about how I'll look.
  4. I'm moving out of the house I've lived in for the past 17 years
    And I'm almost 21. Because my internship starts early June, I won't be here when we officially move out and I don't know how I feel about that tbh. I'm very sentimental and nostalgic but also I'm too busy to cry right now. What's your guys' experience with moving out of childhood homes?
  5. I've started watching Friday Night Lights
    Just finished season 1 and MAN, is that ever a good show. Also, do relationships like Coach Taylor's and Tami's exist?? 😍😍
  6. Happy to be back and listing bbs 😘😘
    Oh also, I'mdatingaboyforthefirsttimeandamhavingthetimeofmylife 😉