1. With my lovely cousin who visited from the UK!!
  2. This is us the last time my sister and I saw her
    I was truly a menace during this trip 17 years ago. I hope I redeemed myself this week.
  3. Lake Louise
  4. Banff
  5. Top of the Calgary Tower
  6. Not drinking because I was sick 👎🏾
    Trying to do tags for the rest of these but it's not finding any? Is my Canadian city too small for List App's location database?
  7. Overlooking my amazing city
  8. At the Peace Bridge
  9. At Heritage Park looking like a lolcat
  10. And SOOOO much shopping because the $ to £ conversion rate is freaking 2:1 🤑🤑🤑
  11. What have I missed?? @ListPrompts is missing? The discovery tab looks so much better? ZAYN ANNOUNCING HIS ALBUM???