For a tiny city, Richmond is home to an astonishing amount of restaurants, breweries, and venues. Today's list focuses on the food, because it's lunchtime and I'm hungry.
  1. Sticky Rice
    Imagine a sushi bar, where PBR is $1 when it's raining or over 100 degrees out. Now imagine that this place has kick ass sushi, served by Richmond's most attractive bearded hipsters, and karaoke nights - that's Sticky Rice.
  2. The Black Sheep
    The menu includes a "War of Northern Ingestion" section which is home to their famous battleship inspired subs. My favorite is the USS Brooklyn - jerk BBQ chicken, shredded cabbage, roasted banana ketchup, peach chutney, on a toasted french baguette.
  3. Continental
    It wasn't the food as much as the vibe. (Though the food is great - I was reintroduced to Brussels sprouts here, to that I'm forever grateful.) I went on many a date here, it felt like a step up from the usual dinner spots.
  4. Mezzanine
    "Farm to table, ever-changing menu, we'd make a reservation when our parents were in town" kind of place.
  5. Mary Angela's
    Mary Angela's reminds me of a restaurant that would exist in the shadow of a classic New York establishment. Just across the street from the well-known spot, with good Italian food, served by good people.
  6. Thai Diner Too
    There are at least three Thai places in Carytown, but TD Too is the best and least expensive.
  7. Bombolini Pasta
    It's not really a restaurant but they have delicious prepared Italian and fresh pasta if you're feeling like a master chef. I would bring this home to impress the roommates.
  8. Legend Brewery
    Beer, burgers, fried things.
  9. Comfort
    Classic Southern with an extensive whiskey list.
  10. Julep's
    Upscale "new" Southern.
  11. Edo's Squid
    Now this might be my favorite restaurant in Richmond. Edo's is the place for family-style Italian. It's tucked away in a shady looking building, accessible via a dark stairwell adorned with what I presume to be the owner's family photos. The wait staff is actually pretty rude, but the food is worth the occasional snark.
  12. Mekong
    A Vietnamese spot with one of the largest beer lists I've ever seen.
  13. Havana 59
    There are a couple Cuban places in Richmond but Havana has a beautiful roof deck, a room outfitted with the proper ventilation for cigar smoking, great food, and live music.
  14. Millie's Diner
    I've only had brunch here but it was one of the best meals I've ever had, ever. http//
  15. 3 Monkeys
    Another brunch favorite. Richmond loves brunch.
  16. Weezies
    This was the "I played one too many games of ruit last night" spot. Coffee, mimosa, bacon and eggs.
  17. Hardywood Brewery
    What's better than an evening of food, beer, and music? Nada.
  18. Libbie Market
    Libbie is reminiscent of a deli/grocer that you might find in Darien, Connecticut. It's full of kids fresh from soccer practice, chugging Frappuccinos, waiting to get a ride home. All that aside, it is my go-to sandwich and sweet tea joint.
  19. Don't Look Back
    Inexpensive tacos, reaaal good margs.