For a week. I need some suggestions - Concerts? Restaurants? Bars? @sophia
  1. OVO popup
    Thank you, @dandylyons. I'll admit it, I'll admit it - I'm excited.
  2. The Abbey
    Can't visit without stopping by the island of Lesbos
  3. Mambo's Cafe
    Maybe it's because I just watched Chef, but I need some platanos and I need them now. (There's probably a better Cuban spot somewhere in LA, but something about mambo's reminds me of my grandmother's cooking. Sorry, grandma.)
  4. Joan's on Third
  5. The Grove
    Touristy? Check.
  6. Milk
    That Thai tea ice cream sandwich... magical.
  7. Somewhere I can get a donut
  8. I think this is all touristy.