A running list of learnings from LA
  1. Fruity pebbles are back
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    I was always more of a Cocoa Pebbles fan, but look at that ice cream sandwich. Just look at it.
  2. James' Beach is not actually a beach
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    It's THE taco spot from I Love You, Man. Best surprise ever.
  3. Ms. Donuts
    Late night donuts? Check
  4. RVCA is pronounced rue-cah
    I could've consulted google for this one, but getting called out for saying "R-V-C-A" is better.
  5. If you wake up randomly at 4am
    It could be from the 3.9-magnitude earthquake.
  6. El Cochinito
    Opened in 1988 and I don't think the menu or decor has changed. Hands down the best Cuban food I've had in a long time.
  7. Alec Monopoly
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    Is everywhere.
  8. The hills in Silver Lake are no joke