1. Eat: pylsur
    A lamb hotdog topped with ketchup, mustard, raw and fried onions, and mayo... You can find these puppies at most convenience stores or gas stations.
  2. Go: whale watching
    Where? Húsavík, an adorable fishing town on the north coast of the island.
  3. Eat: kleina
    An Icelandic donut.
  4. Go: to the Freezer Hostel
    This hostel is home to an artist residency, a theater, and fantastic pub quizzes. The vibe is wonderful and the staff super friendly.
  5. Eat: skyr
    Iceland's specialty yogurt - it's full of protein and it's super delicious. Win.
  6. Go: to Jökulsárlón
    Jöku what? This is a large glacial lake (or lagoon) in southeast Iceland. It formed as the Breidamerkurjökull glacier started to recede from the Atlantic Ocean. Fun fact: Jökulsárlón was the setting for Die Another Day, Tomb Raider, and A View to a Kill. Iceberg, dead ahead.
  7. Eat: fish
    Fish and chips, seafood soup, all of the fish.
  8. Go: to as many waterfalls as possible
    They're everywhere, just like sheep. My favorite is probably Seljalandsfoss, you can walk behind it.
  9. Go: to a hot spring
    Natural or man-made. Up to you. Blue Lagoon is the most famous - but if you travel to north Iceland, go to Myvatn. (It's less touristy and half the price.)
  10. Go: everywhere
    Travel outside of Reykjavik. Iceland is roughly the size of Virginia - rent a car and drive around the entire country.