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instead of watching the history boys over and over again i set myself the challenge of watching 50 new films this year. i made it to 75. here are some of my favourites
  1. room
    amazing. really.
  2. spotlight
    this is my favourite of the year. ignore the rest.
  3. when harry met sally
    i watched this for the first time this year
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  1. underneath the tree - kelly clarkson
    a new classic in my heart
  2. all i want for christmas is you - mariah carey
    CAN'T go wrong
  3. step into christmas - elton john
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a million and one things i've enjoyed this month. this isn't even them all.
  1. small bills - regina spektor
    i've listened to a couple of her things before and never really loved them? they were okay but i wouldn't listen to them again. but i LOVE this one. i love it. i've been singing it, playing it, just all round joy.
  2. green jumper
    bought this the other day, wore it to my lecture because the room's always freezing, kept forgetting i wasn't wearing another top underneath it and going to take it off. but it's a nice colour and it was £15 but it makes me feel a little fancy.
  3. remember me like this - bret anthony johnston
    possibly the saddest most heart-wrenching book i've read this year but worth it for the beautiful writing
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  1. edmund
    young, misunderstood, under-appreciated, goes through a lot of repentance, deserves everything
  2. susan
    the voice of logic which is seen as a bad thing by the rest of them. much of the same reasons for edmund. feel those two are similar. hate what happened to her in the end.
  3. lucy
    to be fair i feel like i've never given her a chance. cute and annoying in the first one. seems to have grown up and is clever and practical in the small parts i've seen of the other ones.
  4. peter
    peter's the worst.
  1. half blood prince
    this is the best book. in my head this book is like seven books above the rest.
  2. goblet of fire
    this book feels slightly different from the rest and i like that. lots of things introduced. lots of things go wrong. family fun.
  3. prisoner of azkaban
    love lupin
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  1. lost
  2. i don't like any other pilots.
    i don't like the way everything has to be introduced and everything always feels a little off
  3. but lost. lost does it right
september's been going on forever and i've found a lot of good things during it
  1. community
    i refused this show for so long and then i watched 5 and a half seasons in 6 days. i have a few episodes left and i'm sad about it. i love everyone. it's so clever and heartwarming and funny.
  2. galavant
    i could say the same things as i did about community tbh. it's funny, self-aware, plus a lot of songs and a kylie minogue cameo
  3. chance the rapper
    i hadn't heard anything by him before but hey, now i love him. i've had a few songs on repeat, stand outs are all night and cocoa butter kisses, but i need to listen to more and more ❤️
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gone before their time. so many others could have been taken in their place.
  1. Happy Endings
    Pop culture references every second, genuine, unique humour. After watching a few episodes I'm always thinking in Penny-esque speech. Not a bad thing. Also, I want to be Jane. I'm not as dumb as I am.
  2. Selfie
    John Cho and Karen Gillan - a pairing that I now want to star in every form of media. Quick and sweet and clever and oh man what a lot of tension with no payoff. It didn't even get a chance.
  3. Galavant
    I started this yesterday and now I only have one episode left. The theme song is even catchier than Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's and I'm sad it's not in every episode. The sort of humour that appears every few seconds and surprises me every time. Very plot-driven for a sitcom? And very funny. The song is going to be stuck in my head forever and I'm glad of it.
It's been over 20 degrees the last couple of days. We don't get sun much.
  1. Conversations centred around the unusual heat with everyone you meet.
    And what rumours they've heard of when the bad weather's coming back. Usually includes a mention of being hotter than London/Ibiza/South of France.
  2. People desperately making the most of these few sunny days before they disappear.
    This means bbqs, water fights, trips to the beach. Even when it's windy and the beach is full of stones and rubbish.
  3. Shops and cafes frantically trying to turn into Mediterranean style dining.
    Tables and chairs are dragged out into the streets. Caribbean music is blared from speakers sitting outside Greggs. Parasols are held down with rocks to stop them blowing away.
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