It's been over 20 degrees the last couple of days. We don't get sun much.
  1. Conversations centred around the unusual heat with everyone you meet.
    And what rumours they've heard of when the bad weather's coming back. Usually includes a mention of being hotter than London/Ibiza/South of France.
  2. People desperately making the most of these few sunny days before they disappear.
    This means bbqs, water fights, trips to the beach. Even when it's windy and the beach is full of stones and rubbish.
  3. Shops and cafes frantically trying to turn into Mediterranean style dining.
    Tables and chairs are dragged out into the streets. Caribbean music is blared from speakers sitting outside Greggs. Parasols are held down with rocks to stop them blowing away.
  4. Everyone acquires huge patches of sunburn and dodgy tan lines.
    Because sun tan lotion is not really needed in Scotland because it's not actually THAT warm (This is a personal one. My shoulder (ONE shoulder) is agony).
  5. Packing up winter clothes and stubbornly wearing vest tops and shorts even when the temperature drops to 10.
    The sun's still shining so yes, it must be warm enough for shorts.
  6. And people complaining about the heat, fanning their faces, but then adding "we'll be missing this when the rain comes back" and stating that "they couldn't cope with this heat all the time; they'd get nothing done."
  7. Then the rain comes back, the temperature drops, and everyone forgets what the sun feels like until it makes another brief appearance in a few weeks.