Reasons I don't have very many friends:
  1. I was homeschooled. My joke is and if you steal this And use it without asking me if its okay you are so sued buddy, so my joke is... Telling coworkers that I used to get beat up a lot in school. When they are like oh my gosh, how sad. I say "yea and you know what the really sad thing is?" And they are like no, what?!? And I say I was homeschooled
  2. Small church Big footprint The Coldwater Bible Chapel. Meeting in the oldest building in Coldwater still used for the same purpose.
  3. I'm SUPER AWKWARD & loud and SUPER JEALOUS of my friends talking to other people.
  4. I've only met a few people that are not annoying like everyone else.
  5. People hate me! Typically for no reason. Typically
  6. I am claustrophobic and FREAK out in crowd where I'm not near an exit! LOL
  7. No kids not married, just nothing in common with most people in my age group
  8. Tired most of the time and I never want to do anything - I could have lupus. Dr.'s thought I did. One test was positive
  9. I'm really selfish