1. Monday! Where did it come from? Like what just happened? I left work at 11:30 am crying, ha! I blamed it on the heartburn.
  2. Heartburn. I woke up Saturday at 5 am with it after a night of sleeping in my dead car to run in my friends house (it was her backyard wedding) to use the bathroom. And learned I should've used the outhouse, which im sure would've been fine, but I was cold and thinking like maybe I cd find a chair to sleep on with a blanket.
  3. My ego was totally damaged too, it's like all these uber successful people and then, hi, me...
  4. The wedding was a blast!
  5. Did I mention the heartburn? I hope my breath doesn't stink. So, cutting back on caffeine, sad :( I'm gonna miss it
  6. The really cute guy at work with grey/silver hair dyed it a weird Brown?and I HATE IT! for some reason he killed all interest I once had in him, but he's married anyways. And I'm kinda apologetic for blowing up his phone, drunk. He was supposed to go to the wedding w/me. Whatevs did I mention he's married. To an Asian lady that lives in China
  7. The lady I was temp for while she's been gone a few weeks on medical leave is back and the employer wants to keep me and the lady that's been gone thinks I'm gonna try and steal her job.
  8. She kinda made me feel like "okay, that's it. I'm gonna go." Which after I made that decision I was like "bye!" I'll see you tmry.
  9. There are other reasons, I just can't remember them for long enough to to write them down and I don't really wanna remember things that are annoying!