1. The double-clicking the home button is causing me to have spasms in my finger! I hate it's called a home button! Which has ALWAYS been glitchy on my mini iPad and I want to punch my fist thru the screen! I've never liked it for that reason.
  2. I'm definitely more of a PC androgynous person.
  3. The covering can break like glass!
  4. Siri. I feel like the commercials are embarrassing and made me not like Siri right from the beginning.
  5. God forbid you get it wet!
  6. When the headphone cord that wd come with apple products wasn't long enough to hold the device in your hand and have the earphone in at the same time.
  7. I find someone to call from texting with them, they aren't saved in my contacts and I have to hit no fewer than 3 buttons to get there phone to ring. So it just develops these weird text convos and I end up using FB.
  8. Any of the Apple apps iTunes etc
  9. Prices
  10. The battery life
  11. Why do they break?
  12. Why's all that space wasted by the top and bottom? Why can't that part be my screen too?
  13. The contacts app