I'm a bad driver and I don't mean MJ bad
  1. Gas pump barriers
  2. Pay phone
  3. A dog, it was a HEAVY FOG! early morning, poor dog
  4. Lots of cats
  5. Misc roadkill both dead & alive: raccoons, opossum, deer, birds
  6. A parked car when my car wasn't even on, but I was being pushed and hit the car parked beside me
  7. Fast moving cars
  8. A child on her bike, i was almost at a complete stop and she kinda hit me
  9. Potholes
  10. A DANG HUGE SNAKE that I thought was a stick it was HUGE! Until I ran over it and it didn't go crunch. And then I looked in my rear view mirror, it was squirming
  11. A snow bank
  12. Trees
  13. I put some guy named Mikes head thru the windshield of my parents mini van by doing a break check when he was moving from the back seat to the front. I musta break'd to hard, but in my defense the glass was already broke from when I hit a tree a few days before so it didn't take much force for your head to crack it