About time I listroduced myself!
  1. Hi guys, Sadie here
    You can probably guess my real name from my username but my preferred nickname is Sadie so heyyyyy.
  2. Here's me and my number 1, Duchess, having an identity crisis. (That's what snapchat filters are for, bugging your pets, duh)
  3. 20 ~years young~ undeclared student at university
    I'm working on an anthropology minor, and just yesterday got an invite to a sorority!
  4. Fight anxiety and depression head on, on the daily 👊🏼
    Eliminating the stigma is one of my biggest dreams. In a world where we can all complain about lexapro without getting weird stares, that's what I'm looking for.
  5. I love me some good TV.
    Because I am a very sensitive snowflake I've been focusing on the amazing comedy on TV. Arrested Development and Veep are two of my favorite shows.
  6. Also love me some PODCASTS
    2 Dope Queens brightens my day, and I look forward to my commutes because of Who? Weekly
    No description needed.
  8. Work as a barista/smoothie and acai bowl queen on the weekends
    Small businesses FTW
  9. Two fun facts: I can hula hoop for HOURS
  10. And second, I love making origami stars. I repurpose papers I don't need and old magazines to make strips. I have thousands. THOUSANDS.
    It's fun, easy to do, and in the worst of times helps calm me down. Plus they make super cute decor.
  11. HI GUYS!