Keep in mind he's got tattoos and long hair- it's important for the overall picture
  1. Yellow baseball hat
    No logo from what I can tell
  2. A black distressed t-shirt
    Could have a band or something on it but idk
  3. Light wash jeans
    Sounds bad but I promise it works
  4. White and orange Nike sneaks
  5. His backpack is Nike and it's black with tiny white polka-dots
  6. I know what he's wearing b/c he was smoking a cigarette outside of class and I was struck by his artsy hotness. Wtf this boy is cool and I think I might have a crush
  7. **revision**
    I've noticed the hat was chartreuse
  8. **revision**
    He signed in for attendance and then he fucking just left. What a badass. Not sure if I can enter into a romance with such a rebel