EVERYBODY knows bras are uncomfortable. So one year ago, I decided to release the double lattes from their cups. Here's what went down.
  1. Boob confidence is a necessity
    Yes, you feel a lot more "out there" without the secure entrapment of the boob jail, so you have got to own it.
  2. Boob confidence can be developed
    If your boob confidence is lacking, it can indeed be strengthened. Walking with confidence GIVES you confidence. Fake it till you make it!
  3. Tatas are bouncy and nipples get hard
    No less can be expected. Yet another reason boob confidence is a necessity.
  4. I still like sports bras
    They have a different purpose than normal bras and I will continue to wear them for that purpose.
  5. Not everyone is looking at you
    For the first few weeks I was positive that everyone was staring directly at my yin yang twins. As the boob confidence began to develop, I began to realize this was false.
  6. Body acceptance leads to body LOVE
    The most difficult part of this challenge was accepting my golden globes for who they really were. I was used to the false, perfectly round shape a bra offered and I was surprised how different all of my shirts now looked on me. But as I came to accept the ladies in their natural form, I came one step closer to accepting and loving myself in my natural form.
  7. P.S.
    I'm continuing to live braless 5ever