Pictures I'm Glad I Didn't Delete

As a designer I have a tendency to delete photos I don't think are blog-worthy visually. I'm so glad some slip through the cracks.
  1. My worst mile time
    This was the last picture I took before I stopped sprinting. My mile time had dropped from 7:30 and I knew that my knees were hurting to the point where I was no longer being healthy by running, I was being unhealthy and hurting my body. Bye bye sprinting.
  2. Margot
    I teach a class of four-year-olds on Sundays and this little girl was always unhappy. Constantly proclaiming her hate for whatever topic we were discussing. This was the day I brought her a birthday present. She felt so loved she couldn't even container herself. She's been well-behaved ever since. Love is the answer.
  3. A purge day
    My apartment is 400 square feet and I try to be a minimalist. It's hard to get rid of things sometimes (for whatever reason) but it feels amazing when you realize you don't miss them. I feel lighter just looking at this pile of junk.
  4. The Shame
    My husband hiding in the corner of a small elevator after an embarrassing fart. I only took this picture to further shame him, but now it's genuinely dear to my heart.
  5. Happy kid
    Do you ever look at a picture of yourself and think "woah I had no clue what I was headed for back then" whether it be good or bad? This is one of those. It's of my brother the way I remember him before he started having some rough times. I like this picture because it's of the real him: a goofball who's a little too enthused about physics (which is what he's talking about in this picture).