*Sighs in exasperation at self*
  1. Because when I was 9 all of my friends thought I was going to the dark side because I painted my nails black once.
  2. Because after I took out my braids from the cornrows I got in Mexico, my mom still made to go to school even though I had a bona fide afro (5th grade).
  3. Because I peed my pants during a play rehearsal right in front of all of the big kids.
  4. Because when I split my lip on our marble coffee table my mom's first words were about my lost future modeling career.
  5. Because my parents showed me Jurassic Park when I was four.
  6. Because when I first got acne it came overnight like a landslide and the kids at school the next day avoided me and acted scared.
  7. Because my mom would run on to the soccer field every time I got hurt, screaming my name.
  8. Because Linkin Park