In no particular order (that would be impossible). This is easily the list I'm asked for most often in real life. So here it is, a little more well-thought-out
  1. Tartine Barkey
    Known for the best bread in the U.S. of A (baked fresh daily) but I'd also recommend the lemon tart.
  2. La Taqueria
    The line wraps around the entire joint, but you can use that time to count the 26 burrito awards on the wall.
  3. Dandelion Chocolate
    Small batch chocolate made with only two ingredients. The difference in favors come solely from the different soils the cacao was grown in.
  4. Mission Cheese
    If grilled cheese was that girl from middle school that grew up and became a model.
  5. BiRite Creamery
    Their salted caramel is a classic but you won't be disappointed with any flavor. My order: lavender.
  6. Craftsman & Wolves
    Known for "the devil inside": a cheddar biscuit with a soft boiled egg inside. Served with Tabasco salt.
  7. Mission Pie
    Serving both sweet and savory, but mainly I go for their "supper."
  8. Shizen
    A vegan sushi bar with rolls better than any real-fish sushi you've ever had.
  9. Gracias Madre
    Vegan Mexican that will blow your mind. Servings are large. Order multiple and share.
  10. Arizmendi Bakery
    A pizzeria with one option per day. All ingredients found fresh that morning and never disappoint.