Per request of @Waddy Such a great idea.
  1. This title sounds like the beginning of a poem but I'm not creative enough to follow through on that.
  2. The Lake District
    Nothing short of a countryside utopia. One of the most beautiful (and ignored) corners of this here earth
  3. Hastings
    English beach towns are quite different than ours.
  4. Rye
    If you think you can handle all of the fairytale charm this place offers, YOU'RE WRONG.
  5. Bath
    Technically in Wales, but worth it for the experience. Tour the ancient baths it's named after and wander the cobblestone streets
  6. York
    What town is red, white, and black all over? You can literally allot an entire day to exploring York Minster. Be sure and read the da Vinci Code first!
  7. Battle
    Named cleverly after a battle that was had there... 😑 But now you can explore the castle that is now a school and wander around the small town.