1. Feel your bad feelings.
    If you're anxious, let yourself feel scared. If you're sad, cry and wallow. If you bottle up and try to fight bad feelings at the first sign of them you will become a pressure cooker of fear and sadness.
  2. Acknowledge your worth.
    You are valued. You have made a big impact on the people in your life, and they appreciate and love you. Your feelings of worthlessness are false. People care.
  3. Let it out.
    When you feel sad, do something creative. You need an outlet. You can't deal with it in your head. Pull out your guitar and sing, draw something, write something in your journal. You are an emotional and artistic person, and you need to release through creative outlets. Do it. You're not stupid for doing it.
  4. Talk to your friends.
    Tell them what's going on. Tell them more than you think you need to. Tell them the whole truth. Keeping it to yourself makes you lonely and isolated. People will understand, and they will care. It is important to bring other people into your life. You are not alone.
  5. Make your bed.
    If your bed a mess, your life is a mess. It takes one minute, and is guaranteed to make your life feel more ordered and manageable. If you do one thing today, make sure it is that you make your bed.