I'm not much of a reader, but there comes the occasional book which grabs my attention for whatever reason. These are the four most recently added/accessed from my Play Books library
  1. Static
    The first selection was purchased last night and I haven't fully dove into it yet, but it has Questlove and it has food. This book was literally a no brainer from the moment I first saw it. "Something To Food About" is an analysis of the creativity and the artistry associated with the development of food; it's the back story of favorite dishes of chefs and their story. This is more about art than it is about food.
  2. Static
    "The Book of Unknown Americans" by Christina Henríquez is an immigrant story, a love story, a story about communities, and told from different perspectives. Highly enjoyable read with complex, multi-layered characters.
  3. Static
    It's Amy Poehler... That should be all the summarization you need to buy this book.
  4. Static
    "Tacos Recipes and Provocations" is simply amazing. Alex Stupak and Jordana Rothman have put together an amazing collection of recipes and I use this book on a weekly basis. I cannot offer a higher recommendation for this book if you have an interest in home-prepared Mexican food.