I have come to the realization that I simply do not check out too many websites as time killers; I instead have a few other guilty pleasures that are far more enjoyable.
  1. SyFy: My view on SyFy original movies can be summarized in one sentence. The more obscure and ridiculous the storyline and monsters are; the more I will enjoy it. Sharknado is perhaps one of the best films I've seen in a while and I'm so glad they're making another installment.
  2. Cooking books: I own a few hardbacks, but my primary source of recipes are ebooks and simply searching online recipes. I love cooking, I truly do, but what I love more is reading these meal suggestions, and the author's back story of why they love this particular meal.
  3. House hunting: I cannot even estimate the amount of time I've spent on Realtor sites just looking around and these beautiful homes I would hope to one day live in. I don't waste my time with "reasonable" homes, instead I look for the >$500,000 properties. Not a fan of the multi million estates, as they are little palaces and just not my thing.