Just a handful of apps I use in a daily basis. These can be time killers, information, and social.
  1. Twitter
    My go to social media platform and general scrolling. The ultimate "pub talk" environment which has introduced me to quite a bit of good people which have turned into actual meetings. I still don't understand those who document every moment of their days, but to each their own I suppose. Mostly chat about soccer and cooking so feel free to look me up @saenzjj
  2. Duolingo
    I'm still in the process of correcting one of my life-long embarrassments of not speaking Spanish, but it's a slow process.... slow process indeed and my lack of discipline in this regards doesn't help. By far one of the most useful apps I use and any deficiencies are strictly on me. Highly recommend this app if you're trying to have a go at another language.
  3. Minecraft
    Not for me, but my little ones love this game so it has helped me with quiet time and is an absolute life saver when they start getting restless on longer trips. I have yet to attempt to play.
  4. Play Books
    My two most recent additions (I made a li.st a while back) are 'Best Hikes Near Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill' and 'Everyday Barbeque ' by Myron Mixon.
  5. Realtor
    Ultimate time killer for me
  6. li.st
    A bit sacrilegious not to include this app, I am still new and getting my feet wet, but I am enjoying it thus far. I can't quite see this overtaking twitter for me as they are so different, but my Facebook and Google+ are damn near non existent now as a result .