Podcasts I'm listening to at the moment

  1. NPR How I Built This
    First of two Guy Raz podcasts on this list. I am so surprised by the relative simple beginnings of some of the most influential and successful businesses; and this podcast is a forum for CEO's and entrepreneurs to guide you through the early stages of their projects.
  2. Stuff You Missed In History Class
    Unsure how I stumbled into this, but I am so glad I found Tracy Wilson and Holly Frey. This podcast is filled with extraordinary people and events and beautifully packaged in an easy to digest method. Really enjoyed the "Hitler's Early Rise and the Night of the Long Knives" episode. http://www.missedinhistory.com/about.htm
  3. TED Radio Hour
    NPR's Guy Raz hosts "a journey through fascinating ideas: astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, new ways to think and create". The format of the show splices segments of previous TED Talks speeches with interview questions which all come together around a common theme @npr
  4. Man Meat BBQ
    I'm still learning the proper way around the grill and trying to advance out of the casual steak, ribs, burgers, and dogs. Mikey Kay and his team present insanely informative and entertaining chats with cooks from all around US. Check him out at www.manmeatbbq.com
  5. Talk Is Jericho
    What can I say? I've been a wrestling fan my entire life, minus a small ~10 year gap, and Chris Jericho is easily in every conversation about the greats. Talk Is Jericho is an amazing listen which regularly ventures outside of wrestling to explore Jericho's other passions, with music and musicians playing a huge role.