I'm very simple when it comes to sports - I like soccer and that's about it. I will gladly watch football and completely understand everything about it, I just won't go out my way to make sure my schedule doesn't conflict with games. Basketball, baseball, tennis, and golf do nothing for me, I'll rather watch curling.
  1. Tottenham Hotspur (English Premier League)
    Been supporting Spurs since 2004/2005 under the Martin Jol era. Happened to catch a few of their matches while still a neutral then that naturally blossomed into genuine interest and full out obsession. Watched some horrible performances which resulted in embarrassing defeats and seen players who were never worthy to wear the colors but the cheering and singing never stopped. The lows have been completely outweighed by the highs and this season has been beyond wildest expectations.
  2. I made it out to White Hart Lane back in the 2009/2010 season for the Sunderland match and I will never forget that experience. Watching a live match in the new stadium is definitely on my bucket list.
    I am typing this about 90 minutes until the last match of the season and Spurs must at least draw with Newcastle to maintain we hold onto second place regardless of the Arsenal/Villa result.
  3. Carolina Railhawks (North America Soccer League)
    I'm a recent transplant to North Carolina and one of the first things I did (minus house hunting) was to start researching this club and the league. I've been to four home matches this season and I haven't really linked up with the core-supporter group but I'll get there. I'm a strong believer in supporting your local and I fully intend on getting more and more involved. It also doesn't hurt that the Railhawks are actually quite good and the players go out of their way to interact with fans.