1. Overshared on my Facebook (a big status update about how much I love my friends).
  2. Overshared on Instagram (a shitpost about pain I've endured at the hands of strangers), even though text isn't the dominant medium there. Removed 50+ people from my followers before doing so.
  3. In an attempt to impress someone who'll hopefully be my future employer, I said exactly too much. Example: "Oh, I heard about [redacted] scandal because I'm a gossip, please hire me!"; and "Wow, that's your friend? That person follows me on Twitter and knows my name—hire me, I'm relevant!"
  4. Direct messaged an editor and revealed to them (again) that I'm applying for yet another job I'm grossly unqualified for.
  5. Told several people I love them. Meant it.
  6. Complimented people I admire professionally and have no personal relationship with, which is an act that fills me with dread.
  7. Gossiped with an ambitious, good-looking, hilarious man I'm not sure I trust but I like a lot (as a potential friend, not romantically).
  8. Responded to a message from a guy who wanted to know why a woman I don't know was tweeting about me. I said that a) I don't know him well enough to discuss anything with him and b) that I think I know why she hates me.
  9. Watched Girls Meet World with my inscrutable sisters and bawled my eyes while they viciously laughed at me.
  10. Created this list.