Alright, I'm gonna try and make this short and sweet. But bare with me because it might get out of hand.
  1. Sagittarius are optimistic
    I'm definitely positive and always looking on the bright side
  2. Speaking the brutal truth
    This is a blessing and a curse because I literally have no filter. On the bright side Im great with advice bc I say it how it is, but that sometimes gets me in trouble too
  3. Big heart 💙
    I'm so generous and always trying to help people no matter what
  4. Adventurous
    I'm always down to travel, go to a forest, or get lost on purpose
    I literally give 0 fucks and that gets me in so much trouble. I wake up late, I lose important documents.. The list goes on and on.
  6. Impatient..
    I can't wait for shit. I want what I want exactly when I want it.
  7. And of course, I'll never turn down a chance to party.