For @Jen's birthday weekend, she asked me to fly to LA and drive back up to SF with her so she could bring her two cats home.
  1. She arrives in this dress. "If I had known you told the entire @list office about the cat trip I wouldn't have worn a tiger print dress."
  2. We're flattered cause the Hertz guy says he upgraded us to a "luxury SUV" for free. It's a tiny hatch back, but our roadtrip stoke stays strong. Small coffee cup added for scale.
  3. We pry cats out from under Jen's childhood bed. (And I learn that nobody in LA knows where Thousand Oaks is, even if they live in Topanga.)
  4. Meet Snack.
  5. And Moose.
  6. Jen's dad suffers a panic attack as we back slowly out of their perfectly straight, wide driveway into a quiet cul-de-sac in the 4th safest city in the country.
  7. We're on our way!
  8. We went to bed at 4am the night before, so Snack and I had some words about the noises he was making.
  9. ...
  10. Cruising past Cat Sin Road
  11. Jen celebrated me recently falling off the vegetarian wagon by getting me my first In-n-Out burger. So good.
  12. All in all, driving from LA to SF with cats be like