1. My Cousin Vinny
    It was embarrassing being the only lawyer who hadn't seen this.
  2. Primer
    $7000 budget! The google image search results for "primer movie explained" are great.
  3. Deliverance
    Whoa. (That kid kept reminding me of Gummo.)
  4. Risky Business
    Didn't expect a movie about a teenager and a prostitute to be this good.
  5. Road House
    Jealous of his cool barn loft.
  6. Grindhouse
    This made me nostalgic for sleazy B-house double features even though I don't even know what they are.
  7. The Great Escape
    Best war movie. Only good war movie.
  8. Basic Instinct
  9. Burn After Reading
    Everything about this is my favorite. Its Brad Pitt's best role right?
  10. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
    I just watched Life Itself and learned that Roger Ebert wrote this which makes it even better. I miss LA.