Texts I never responded to
  1. Ok good luck with that
    My ex-therapist
  2. 🌲🌲🌲
    A college football player I kissed once
  3. Big costume party at my house tonight if you guys want to get a little crazy
    Group text to me and @Jen
  4. Hello Sarah
    Similar to moms ending all texts "love, Mom," but creepy
  5. Up for platonic Thai food?
  6. i have ups and downs.  all in all im doing pretty well.  my relationship is going well and work is pretty good too.
    A lovely person that I miss
  7. [random picture I received from unknown number]
    Fc9786a0 709f 4bd5 8fb2 e559ff3f3c70
  8. I've texted 3 Sarahs in the past 19 minutes
    This is a cheat bc it is my last text to @ev. He hasn't responded yet.