Inspired by @kendallbartels
  1. Tom Hiddleston
    We meet at an after party for some event neither of us wanted to be at, him because he doesn't want to run into Taylor and me because my heels hurt like a bitch. He almost knocks me over as I lean against a wall, he thinks I am upset but my eyes are watering from aforementioned shoe-related pain. He graciously offers to take them off. Three months later I move out of his apartment, bitter because I'm not who he thinks I am and hating him because he is.
  2. Bo Burnham
    He is right; I don't fucking love him.
  3. Jonny Lee Miller
    Not exactly planned, and not exactly dating. Periods of intense argument and periods of intense passion, punctuated by long spans of utter silence, not seeing or speaking to each other for weeks until he walks into his kitchen to find me cooking dinner, or he calls me in the middle of the day to announce we're going on a trip. We "end" things by just not showing up again, me not cooking and him not calling.
  4. Brett Dier
    The most normal relationship I have ever had. His playfulness surprises me and he finds my deadpan humor cheeky. We laugh a lot and I love him. He loves me too, he says. I panic and stop laughing, don't stop loving, but I leave him all the same.
  5. Oscar Isaac
    Recognizes my heartbreak and lets me love him while loving someone else. I know I shouldn't and I'm afraid I'll hurt him but I can't stop myself, either. Eventually he gives up, and I can't pretend I don't know why.
  6. Michiel Huisman
    We're together six months, on and off. We travel a lot. I'm very happy when we're away but I'm not good at being home. He tells me to get the fuck over myself and be happy, I'm being dramatic and selfish. He's right.