💧 Tips for decreasing your water usage. 💧Seriously shit is real in CA right now (and the SW in general), but you don't have to live in CA to make a difference. More tips? Please add!!!
  1. Obvious, but...turn off the water when you're not using it.
  2. Consider cutting the grass, for good.
    Okay, so this is mostly for drought-ridden regions. Y'all from wetter regions (like my homestate of TN, where it floods on the reg) need the grass to stabilize the soil, so no judgements from me. But where it's dry, there are lots of alternative landscaping options. If you rent, consider lobbying your landlord to ditch the sprinkler and join the "brown is green" movement. Hey, you never know--it saves them money, and helps the environment.
  3. Trim your grocery list according to water efficiency
    Some foods are more water-efficient than others. The commonest example is almonds: each almond costs a gallon of water to produce. However, before you nix them completely, consider that the water gluttony of almonds is nothing compared to that of livestock. Cutting down on meat and dairy saves much more water and (and pollution) than cutting out almonds. So buy smart: almond milk is greener than regular milk, but maybe find a new nut to snack on?
  4. Use the bucket method to water your plants
    Keep a bucket in the shower to collect clean water as you shower. Later, you can dump the water on your garden or trees or whatever.
  5. Put a brick in your toilet tank
    This keeps the toilet from filling up all the way (and wasting water). You can also find rubber bricks if you don't want a real one in your tank.
  6. Limit showers to 10 minutes
    Yet another reason to skip washing your hair every other day
  7. Curb power usage
    Power plants use water to cool down, plus it should save you even more on your electric bill!
  8. Only run the washing machine and the dishwasher for full loads
  9. Don't run the hose while you wash your car
    Spend $20 bucks for a nozzle, so you can control the flow of water. No need to turn on and off.
  10. Clean your driveways, decks, and sidewalks with brooms/rakes, not water
  11. If you must use the sprinklers, only use during the late evening/early morning hours
    Cooler temps decrease evaporation