1. Social media is the worst
  2. Like I have to think of things to share with people?
  3. Ain't nobody got that kind of time
  4. I'll be walking down the street like "oh this would make a funny snap" but .......too much energy? I would have to take my phone out of my bag?
  5. Or something cute and interesting is happening and I think "I should Instagram this"
  6. But, again, I would have to take my phone out of my bag
  7. So I really suck at Instagram, snapchat, Twitter, Facebook
  8. (Though let's be honest—everyone's bad at Facebook these days. Like you're not friends w someone bc they "have a really good" FB account. You're friends with them because they work with your aunt.)
  9. I'm only vaguely aware that periscope is a thing
  10. And I have a vine account so I can watch funny vines when I remember that it exists
  11. So I like The List App, but I'm not great at it
  12. I guess this is just an apology to the TLA community?
  13. Like "sorry I'm not a better citizen"
  14. "I tried to make it to the town hall meeting but I didn't have anything to contribute"