1. Years ago my friends and I were hanging and watching movies and the topic of celebrity crushes came up
  2. These bitches were on top of their shit, let me you. They were "calling" men left and right and I was astonished.
  3. Like, y'all have that shit right on the tip of your tongue? How?
  4. So when they turn to me, I'm at a loss. Literally the only name I can produce is "Alan Rickman."
  5. (side note: my next choice was Jack Black, a la Kung Fu Panda)
  6. So the running joke was that I was in love with Alan Rickman.
  7. My friends would text me random Rickman facts
  8. Like that his birthday is February 21
  9. To be fair, I've always cultivated a deep appreciation for the man
  10. I mean, there is a reason his was the only name I could think of
  11. For example:
  12. His silky purr (listen to him read Shakespeare's Sonnet 130. It's divine.)
  13. His masterful villainy
    (as an actor. I don't personally know him, sadly).
  14. His delicate vulnerability
    (Again, as an actor)
  15. His devotion to the HP canon and fanbase
  16. Hans. Fucking. Gruber.
  17. Watching him break Emma Thompson's heart in Love Actually
    The only couple I gave a shit about and the fucking movie didn't even say wtf happened with them, just an ambiguous-ass look shared between Thompson and Rickman
  18. Watching him win Kate Winslet's heart in Sense and Sensibility
  19. Like I said, I was definitely a fan
  20. Except that when I got a text from my sister this morning at 5:30AM saying that Rickman had died, I was immediately wide-awake
  21. But I wasn't in love with Alan Rickman, obviously
  22. I searched online to confirm, in case this was some kind of misunderstanding
  23. At 69, Alan Rickman passed away.
    Just a month away from his 70th birthday.
  24. No misunderstanding.
  25. And my heart hurt.
  26. I'm not in love with Alan Rickman, nor have I ever been--ya know, because I didn't know the man, and I'm not insane. But I did profoundly appreciate his work, his skill, and his humanity.
  27. The world is a little bit emptier without him.
  28. In all this remembering Rickman, remembering his best roles and our favorite roles and all of the Snape moments that will live forever in our hearts
  29. Let us not forget that while he was a great Hans, a great Snape, a great Colonel Brandon,
  30. He was also a magnificent human being.
  31. "Talent is an accident of genes, and a responsibility."--Alan Rickman
  32. We'll remember you, Alan.
  33. Always.