This election has been devastating, shocking, deflating, heartbreaking, upsetting..... and I need some hope. I need some love. So I will send it out.
  1. I am devastated by all of the hurt that I see today. It's blinding. And to so many people, it's terrifying.
  2. So I want to address women and girls; LGBTQ+; Muslims, Latinos, Black Americans, and all persons of color; immigrants; disabled persons and all other minority groups:
  3. You are valued.
  4. You are wanted.
  5. You are loved.
  6. I am heartbroken by the fact that your safety, your dignity, and your rights are not guaranteed in the greatest country on the planet.
  7. I cannot promise that you have nothing to fear from your fellow Americans.
  8. What I can promise is that you have nothing to fear from me.
  9. I will not stand for insults to or assaults on your rights, your identity, or your dignity.
  10. I swear that in any capacity in which I am able, I will defend you. I will support you. Whatever privilege I have, I will use it for you.
  11. To all Trump voters:
  12. You are valued.
  13. You are wanted.
  14. You are loved.
  15. I cannot believe that sane individuals could be drawn to such hateful rhetoric unless they are feeling some deep hurt and pain.
  16. So I may dispute your facts, but I recognize the legitimacy of your feelings.
  17. Our political discourse has devolved to the point that each party considers itself right and the opposing party evil.
  18. This is not normal.
  19. Trump is a monster of our own making. We have vilified each other, and now we are reaping our poisonous harvest.
  20. Either we all belong in this country, or none of us does.
  21. Love to all