Inspired by @lorothery
  1. Blane v Duckie, Pretty in Pink
    Duckie. For one, he has a personality. Two, it doesn't suck.
  2. Heathcliff v Edward Linton, Wuthering Heights
    Heathcliff. Cathy and Heathcliff were both terrible people, but they would have inflicted less damage if she'd just chosen him to begin with.
  3. Edward v Jacob, Twilight
    lol I don't care
  4. Bill v Eric, True Blood
    Eric. Bill is boring AF and the way he says "Sookie" makes me want to throw up.
  5. Aidan v Big, Sex and the City
    Full disclosure, I've only seen like four episodes. BUT, I've seen enough. Big is an amazing douchebag and pretty much anyone would be better. So Aidan, I guess.
  6. Fitz v Jake, Scandal
    Jake? Honestly Olivia could do so much better than either. Yes, Jake creepily spied on her for a while (for Fitz, no less), but Fitz is a terrible human being who's selfish and undisciplined and abuses his power.
  7. Angel v Any of Buffy's other boyfriends (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
    Though usually not explicit, there was a love triangle between Angel and literally every man Buffy met afterward. And she would have been better off with almost any other man (not Spike. That was a mistake).
  8. Dean v Jess, Gilmore Girls
    Jess. Though their relationship was doomed to fail, Jess and Rory had a much deeper connection than did Dean and Rory. And he's the kind of boyfriend Rory needed—someone to push her and challenge her and make her think about who she is, rather than the complacent (but happy!) relationship she had with Dean.
  9. Tom Buchanan v Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby
    Neither. Daisy had no good options, and she knew it (see the "beautiful little fool" quote). Maybe if she'd chosen Gatsby initially? But as it was, Tom was the best choice, as shitty as he is.