1. Taylor Swift
    Fought it for so long. My outrage at music critics' misogynistic, condescending response to Ryan Adams' 1989 cover (at T-Swift's expense) convinced me that I am, in fact, a fan. Plus Blank Space is hella catchy.
  2. Biebs' new album
  3. The fact that Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber are the first two items on this list
  4. The indefinite article before words that begin with "h," e.g. "an historic," "an hypothesis."
  5. When asshole dog owners get taken down
    We get it, your dog's a rescue, (and therefore probably amazing, I mean it's a dog after all. It can't help that you're its owner). You're still a shit-ass human though, and don't you forget it. (DISCLAIMER: I love dogs and profoundly support rescues. Just don't be an asshole about it.)
  6. Karma Chameleon by The Culture Club
    Shut up.