1. Number one: this is definitely a teen show
  2. This basketball team is extremely dramatic and also shitty
  3. Yeah Peyton get back in your closet with your poor life choices
  4. Chad Michael Murray will never be someone I'm into
  5. Really we think that CMM is into books?
  6. She's wearing a fucking Ramones tshirt Jesus Christ
    this cheerleader for sure wants to be sedated
  7. Yeah, CMM, why DID you just vomit your dashboard confessional all over this weird pseudo punk rock cheerleader whom you do not know???
    Suddenly this whole endeavor is worth it
  9. Bro please do not play the role of your moms emotional guardian she's a grown ass woman and it's a fucking HS basketball team for christssake
    really this is mostly on Karen though
  10. Nerd pretending to be a radio announcer looks a lot like Minkus from Boy Meets World 🌎
    Mental note to follow up on this later
  11. "Punk & Disorderly" are you fucking w me rn
  12. Ugh I don't think I can do this