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Or: Screenshots I Send My Teenager
  1. How Do You Poop
    Well, how do you poop?
  2. Arthur
    Now the song is stuck in my head again
  3. Japanese Ad in Neko Atsume
    I loved how loud it was. Are there no graphic design/typography rules in Japan?
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Reflecting on this list, I'm wondering if I get to keep my Trump issued Woman Card.
  1. Your erotic toys sales party
  2. Your MLM sales party
    Green Tea WeightLoss Wrap, Tupperware, Princess House... No thank you.
  3. A RomCom with the girls
    Not today, thanks.
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When I search for animated gifs using my name I get drag queens!
  1. Me and my kiddo
  2. A pet
  3. My hair
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It varied wildly over the years, but being a mom was a constant. And I just realized what I ended up doing for money was never on the list!
  1. Mom
  2. Doctor
  3. Plastic Surgeon
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