1. Both a doctor appointment and dentist appointment in the same day
    Just one is clearly not enough
  2. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" playing over the loudspeaker in the doctors waiting room
    Immediately followed by Brave by Sara Bareilles. Srsly?
  3. Nurse practitioner clearly in training
    This means everything (including drawing blood) needs to be done two or more times
  4. Almost passing out twice as a result of blood draw
    -fade to black-
  5. Leaving office and realizing still one appointment to go
    Why cruel world
  6. Whole Foods sushi for lunch
    Okay, maybe this one is okay
  7. Getting to dentist appointment 40 mins early bc of dad's neuroses
    Good thing I have "modern luxury" magazines and TMZ playing on the tv - they must have known I was coming!!! 😀🔫
  8. Over an hour and half spent in the dentists chair
    You want MORE X-rays? Great!
  9. Taking a first hand seat to the failure and corruption of the American healthcare system
    A special shoutout to the $700 dollar bill the dentist almost made me sign!!!