The Office has been off the air for 2 years now, but I still get little pangs of sadness every now and then when I think about the show. Here's what I miss about it.
  1. Michael's face covered in cheese ball dust
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    The man exudes sex
  2. 🎶Rid dit dit do doo🎶 courtesy of The Nard Dog
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  3. Kevin's toupee
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    Nope it's not Ashton Koo-tcher, it's Kevin Malone
  4. Kevin's makeshift tissue box shoes
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  5. Kevin's Kool-Aid man face
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  6. Okay, everything about Kevin Malone
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  7. The mung beans growing in Creed's desk drawer
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    Very nutritious, but they smell like death
  8. Ryan's blonde highlights @bjnovak
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  9. The plethora of small brown and black and gray black balloons from Kelly's birthday
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    You don't hear a theme, you see it
  10. Kelly's badass JLo inspired jumpsuit @mindy
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  11. The variety of hair pieces Dwight owns to impersonate everyone in the office
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  12. Angela's favorite baby jazz poster
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  13. Toby's....oh wait, never mind
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  14. Pretzel Day
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  15. Phyllis's sexuality
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    We have a gym at home. It's called the bedroom
  16. Meredith's pelvic cast
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  17. Stanley's sassy eyes
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  18. The early days of Jim and Pam @JennaFischer
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    Because I have a heart