The Office has been off the air for 2 years now, but I still get little pangs of sadness every now and then when I think about the show. Here's what I miss about it.
  1. Michael's face covered in cheese ball dust
    The man exudes sex
  2. 🎶Rid dit dit do doo🎶 courtesy of The Nard Dog
  3. Kevin's toupee
    Nope it's not Ashton Koo-tcher, it's Kevin Malone
  4. Kevin's makeshift tissue box shoes
  5. Kevin's Kool-Aid man face
  6. Okay, everything about Kevin Malone
  7. The mung beans growing in Creed's desk drawer
    Very nutritious, but they smell like death
  8. Ryan's blonde highlights @bjnovak
  9. The plethora of small brown and black and gray black balloons from Kelly's birthday
    You don't hear a theme, you see it
  10. Kelly's badass JLo inspired jumpsuit @mindy
  11. The variety of hair pieces Dwight owns to impersonate everyone in the office
  12. Angela's favorite baby jazz poster
  13. Toby's....oh wait, never mind
  14. Pretzel Day
  15. Phyllis's sexuality
    We have a gym at home. It's called the bedroom
  16. Meredith's pelvic cast
  17. Stanley's sassy eyes
  18. The early days of Jim and Pam @JennaFischer
    Because I have a heart