Maybe some will make you happy too
  1. Leaving early and walking to work with a cup of coffee (instead of the subway)
  2. Agenda-less conversations with new and old friends
  3. Learning things without expecting a professional or personal impact on my life.
  4. Meals by myself, seated at the bar, at least once a week
    Ramen and Sushi tend to work exceptionally well for this
  5. Turning off push notifications from nearly every app on my phone
    Especially LinkedIn
  6. Related - using do not disturb on my phone, even when it might be ok for me to disturbed
  7. Proofreading personal emails, even if the recipient is a friend or family member who wouldn't care for typos.
    Doing this forces me to be more thoughtful about what I'm saying.
  8. Waiting to consume news that everyone is talking about
  9. Following through and making plans for coffee or lunch with that person who you always say you'll spend time with, but never do
  10. Letting people who inspire and impress me know it