1. Arrow
    Would you take a calm and tender terminal kind of care? Would you touch me, cling and wage on intimate fight for me?
  2. Don't Rush
    One way to escape bad ideas, well I won't cry to you, not that you would mind.
  3. Hell
    Four ways to remove all the bad that we do from the heart and the soul of the cities sad and cold. Four ways to collect what we say and what we save to discard and discover a brand new way
  4. On Directing
    You're directing me. You're dressed up I lose my grip, my focus. Make those eyes at me, I lose my grip, I lose my focus.
  5. Red Belt
    Slow it down, you have a tendency to rush back into your past. Slow it down, you transfer all your weight and disappear. You kneel to condition all the feelings that you feel.
  6. The Cure
    I know that bad's got to fix itself, correct over time
  7. Northshore
    Something's so sick about this, my misery's so addictive. I'm halfway there watching Northshore from the floor singing to you over my shoulder.
  8. Night Watch
    I seperate everybody, I need distance from your body. Oh I deserve this anguish on my house.
  9. Alligator
    No hissy fits, mind my manners, won't make a scene over you.
  10. Paperback Head
    Paperback head, you got carried away. Stitch up your spine to keep the suitors away. Can't stand the smoke, pull the sheets down low, rooe up your mind, keep the suitors in line
  11. The Ocean
    When you wake what is it that you think of most? When your bed is empty do you really sleep alone? If I imagine you, body next to another.
  12. Sentimental Tune
    Now with your cause and affection on my mind, I won't yield, throw caution into the blaze.
  13. Someday
    Might paint something I might want to hang here someday. Might write something I might want to say to you someday. Might do something I'd be proud of someday. Mark my words, I might be something someday.
  14. Wrists
    I know my ego's weak so thought if I could lift your body, and wake up out of air, the night's too short, you're on to me. Why am I always acting timid and too careful? Please, before I tell you I'm not worth the worry, hurry.
  15. Light up
    Lay back and light up without any guilt
  16. It was Midnight
    I can't concentrate I try so hard to plan to keep you here. I can't evaluate. I threw away the list to convince you